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Excelitas Cermax® 300W Xenon Lamp for Pentax EPKi 5010 & 7010 (Y1911/Y1964)

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Y1911/Y1964 Xenon Ceramic Body Lamp, 300W

Known for its high brightness, broad spectral range and tightly focused beam, the 300 Watt Cermax® Xenon lamp has been the industry standard since its development. This 300 Watt Xenon lamp is commonly used in diagnostic and surgical endoscopes in most major hospitals worldwide.

The Y1911/Y1964 lamp features high-intensity illumination - 5,000 Lumens, with a power rating of 300 Watts. It has a broad spectral range with 5,900 Kelvin color temperature, and a lamp lifetime of 1,000 hours.

This lamp is compatible with the following medical and high-tech devices:

  • Pentax
    EPKi 5010, EPKi 7010
  • Smith & Nephew