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Osram 14V 180W Xenon Arc Lamp w/ Cable (XBO R 180W/45C OFR)

Osram 14V 180W Xenon Arc Lamp w/ Cable (XBO R 180W/45C OFR)

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OSRAM XBO R 180W/45C OFR 180 watt Xenon Short Arc Lamp with Reflector
OSRAM XBO Xenon Short Arc Discharge Lamps (≤450W) are intense point sources that provide a broad, continuous spectrum and have a near perfect color rendering in the visible range with an index greater than 95. This makes them an ideal choice for fiber illumunation devices for Medical, Scientific, and even Industrial areas. In particular, surgical devices that benefit from the accurate color rendering and intense beam of the XBO light source. OSRAM has been producing reliable, high quality XBO lamps for over 60 years.​

Product features and benefits
  • High luminance / radiance with intense point source
  • Broad, continuous spectral distribution
  • High color rendering > 95
  • High arc stability
  • DC operation

Areas of application

  • Endoscopy
  • Microscopy
  • Surgical Headlamps
  • Fiber Illumination
  • Solar Simulation
  • Imaging & scanning

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This lamp is compatible with the following medical and high-tech devices:

  • Linvatec
  • Smith & Nephew
    Dyonics 420XL
  • Zeiss
    Lumera 700