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Energizer Product Line

The Medical Battery Corporation is proud to be an partner with Energizer, providing high quality battery products to our clients. We take the quality of batteries very seriously at The Medical Battery Corporation and that same quality care is present in all Energizer products. See what sets Energizer apart from all the major competitors and why switching to Energizer can save you time, effort and money.

Energizer Benefits

Energizer batteries last longer and provide major benefits over competitor brands. For the countless electronic gadgets that you need to rely on, the latest lithium technology that’s proven to be the world’s longest lasting AA and AAA batteries in high-tech devices.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium

  • Lasts up to 9x longer vs. Energizer® Max© alkaline batteries*
  • Holds power for up to 20 years, when not in use
  • Leak-proof**
  • 33% lighter that standard alkaline batteries
  • Performs from -40C to +60C
* In digital cameras. Results may vary by camera. ** Will not leak under normal consumer usage    

Energizer Products

The Medical Battery Corporation is an official partner with Energizer and can help reduce costs with these quality lithium batteries. Contact us today for competitive pricing and to learn more about saving with Energizer.   

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