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Dixon Med | About Us

Medical Battery Corporation is now Dixon Med Inc.

Dixon Med acquired Medical Battery Corporation on November 28, 2018. Through this acquisition, Dixon Med is now positioned as a leading supplier for biomedical parts to the Canadian healthcare industry. With our extensive catalog of parts including licensed medical batteries, lamps & bulbs, oxygen sensors, fibre optic cables and more, we are your single source for quality medical replacement parts.  Reach out to one of our sales representatives today and discover the Dixon Med difference!

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Healthy Obsession with Medical Batteries

From vital sign monitors and transport incubators to defibrillators and infusion pumps, we stock power sources for virtually every make and model of medical equipment. We are your single source for reliable medical batteries.  

Reducing Equipment Down Time

The inherent risks of device failure aside, medical batteries that don't work or don't perform to acceptable standards cost hospitals time. Down time for equipment, time spent by technicians in ascertaining the problem and time taken to re-source the batteries. Pre-testing medical batteries is a time and money saving solution.

20% to 30% of Batteries Fail Out of the Box

That's a disturbing statistic. Especially since many medical batteries power devices that save and sustain lives. That's why we test every single battery that we supply.

Are Your Medical Batteries Really Tested?

Some suppliers claim their batteries have been tested and many clients assume all the batteries they purchase are pre-tested. This is rarely the case. In fact, many suppliers don't pre-test, and those that do generally only test open circuit voltage. They do not analyze battery performance – we do.

Our Medical Battery Difference

Each medical battery is put through a complete set of charge / discharge cycles until the actual capacity can be determined. Any battery not performing to standards is returned to the manufacturer. Batteries that pass the testing are given a unique identifier to enable easy tracking. Key information, including capacity are recorded on a label applied to each, individual battery.

Customizing to Your Standards

We can customize testing parameters to meet your specific protocol. While our testing provides a solid understanding that the batteries provided will work as expected, some facilities have their own unique set of metrics that are require adherence. Our process allows us to provide the testing requirements that matter you you specifically.

Competitive Pricing - Quality Included

The significant benefits that we provide are not extras that are reflected in the price of our products. Our battery prices include all of our testing measures and standards. The pricing you receive from us is always competitive with your current suppliers – with one major difference, quality.

Label Us Unique

The label is our guarantee that you're getting a quality-certified product. We archive the full test results of every battery so we can help hospitals determine when each battery will need to be replaced. That documentation is provided to our clients for hospital quality control records. We work with hospitals to develop appropriate scheduled maintenance based on our expert knowledge of battery performance and life – saving costs in avoiding unnecessary replacements. We will assist by managing a hospital's battery inventory by tracking scheduled maintenance and providing just-in-time delivery of required products.

No other medical battery supplier can provide this level of customized service.

Our Clients Perspective

"Since adopting Medical Battery Corporation as our preferred battery vendor, the incidence of "out of the box" failures and subsequently the costs associated with returning failed batteries has been dramatically reduced. With the use of "Quality Certified" batteries from Medical Battery Corporation, all our scheduled battery replacements have been on time, on budget and worry free." – Gerry Shepherd, Purchasing Agent, Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg