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ULTRALIFE X5 Power System for Medical Carts (URS-X5-01)

ULTRALIFE X5 Power System for Medical Carts (URS-X5-01)

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Today’s carts are not just used as a way of easily transporting electronic devices across different locations, they are often integrated with a battery or power system that charges and powers these devices.

The number of different types of cart and the number of electronic devices they power is ever-expanding, which is why Ultralife has introduced the X5 range of power solutions.

Choose between the X5 Power System (for large carts and a wealth of devices) or the X5-LITE (for small carts and portable devices).

ULTRALIFE’s new X5 Power System for medical carts provides users with a reliable AC power supply, derived from one or two 276 Watt-hour Lithium Iron Phosphate X5 Hot-Swappable Batteries. A quick change battery cradle, powerful integrated hold-up battery, LCD umbilical display and optional two-bay charger with wall or desk mount options round out this revolutionary new power system.


  • 12.8V 21.6Ah (276Wh) smart battery with aluminum case construction, integrated handle, LED gas gauge and reversible connector interface (see X5 Hot-Swappable Battery)
  • 150W true sine wave inverter with 100-240VAC 50/60Hz input and 120V 60Hz output
  • Battery docking cradle with pivot mechanism and snap-lock for simple hot-swap (see X5 Battery Cradle)
  • Integrated hold-up battery provides five minutes of operation under any load while batteries are swapped
  • State-of-charge indicator to show the status of each connected battery in one convenient place (see THE TRACK)

An alternative cart power solution (X5-LITE) is available for pole/mobile cart users that only require USB-C/USB-A power and not 120VAC.


X5 Series Brochure

URS-X5-01 Technical Datasheet